I adopted Nathan Ridge last June, and it has been a very rewarding experience for me!  I didn’t get to see Nathan in person until after the adoption.  I will never forget watching the transport  guy walk this magnificent creature down my long drive way.  I swear Nathan walked as if he owned the place already!  For at least two weeks, Nathan and I just hung out together and played with some ground work exercises to establish our new relationship.  Everything has gone smoothly and easy in the saddle.  He’s very athletic and just floats across the ground.  But most importantly he is a kind soul , with an amazingly brave and positive spirit.  I think the journey for Nathan has been very good for him and he seems to be very content with his new home and herd.  Thanks so much to Katie and the rest of the crew at Florida Trac for helping Nathan find his happy place.  – Gail F.