I adopted Second Mate (now known as Matey) March 22, 2022. He was eager and ready to begin his new life with me from the start. We took long hand walks, spent lots of time grooming and giving him plenty of love before I began riding him. We started with lunging which he was very good at, then we worked on walk/trot transitions and moving forward. Once we began under saddle he was easy to maintain rhythm and balance. I wanted to assure him that racing was no longer necessary. I train dressage so he is great at self carriage and light on leg aids. Our relationship has grown which is most important to me! He trusts me and always comes to me from the pasture. He nickers  at me every time I walk by his stall which warms my heart knowing he loves me as much as I love him.We really enjoy trail riding which is exactly what I wanted. I’ve shown dressage and at my young age of 62 I just want to have fun with my boy. Matey is the perfect horse for me, he enjoys life, he’s very sociable with other horses and he’s healthy. My vet loves him, my farrier is kind to him and I couldn’t be happier with my Matey, my forever horse! Thanks FLTRAC for finding him for me:) – Laura H.