Shack truly started to blossom at my house after a month or so. I would take him on many off the farm adventures (he was always perfect!). We started doing small jumps and started doing a few horse shows where he really impressed me.  He relaxed with all the other horses and was able to start getting turned out with all of them. My 4 young kids started riding him as well.  He takes incredible care of them!  His personality changed completely. We have a mutual respect for each other and because of this, he will do anything for me.  Almost 2 years ago I got hurt, and am now technically “handicapped “.  Over the last few months , I occasionally will have days I feel good enough to ride, and even though he has been off the same amount of time as me, he is literally perfect. No lunging, etc, I take him out, and just get on. He has been a perfect therapy horse, and it’s incredible to know how much he has changed in every way to become the horse he is now.”  -Karen G.