After the passing of my heart horse, I never wanted to ride again, let alone own another horse. However, two years ago this injured, leggy, string bean came into my life and forever changed it.  Vets advised that due to his injury, he would never be sound and would likely be a pasture pet.  However,  I knew that he had to be mine.   I promised Danny that from here on out, we would be in it together, regardless of the outcome.  We spent a year rehabbing alongside vet visits, chiropractic work, massage therapy, supplements, corrective shoeing, and A LOT of patience and love.  In October,  Danny went under saddle.  He looked so proud to be trotting around next to the top show jumpers in the ring.   Although he is still incredibly green and will not follow in their footsteps, he looks like he belongs.   I cannot help but look at him with such disbelief, yet admiration.  We have just begun, but I have already learned so many life lessons from him.  Danny has taught me, among all, that even with every obstacle stacked against us, if there is a desire, there is a way.  – Nicole N.