Success Stories

Molly Mac

Molly is the most sensitive, intelligent, and outspoken horse I’ve ever known. Ever since the first time I led her around her new home I made it my goal for this fiery mare to consider me a partner worthy of her respect and trust. She constantly holds me accountable for everything I do and feel and demands me to be entirely present with her or else she will have something to say about it! It’s hardly been three months that I’ve known her and she has already made me a better rider and horsewoman. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us as I continue to cultivate a partnership with a truly wonderful mare.” —Mary Gubisch

Shackles N Chains

Shack truly started to blossom at my house after a month or so. I would take him on many off the farm adventures (he was always perfect!). We started doing small jumps and started doing a few horse shows where he really impressed me.  He relaxed with all the other horses and was able to start getting turned out with all of them. My 4 young kids started riding him as well.  He takes incredible care of them!  His personality changed completely. We have a mutual respect for each other and because of this, he will do anything for me.  Almost 2 years ago I got hurt, and am now technically “handicapped “.  Over the last few months , I occasionally will have days I feel good enough to ride, and even though he has been off the same amount of time as me, he is literally perfect. No lunging, etc, I take him out, and just get on. He has been a perfect therapy horse, and it’s incredible to know how much he has changed in every way to become the horse he is now.”  -Karen G.