Success Stories

Diamond What

After the passing of my heart horse, I never wanted to ride again, let alone own another horse. However, two years ago this injured, leggy, string bean came into my life and forever changed it.  Vets advised that due to his injury, he would never be sound and would likely be a pasture pet.  However,  I knew that he had to be mine.   I promised Danny that from here on out, we would be in it together, regardless of the outcome.  We spent a year rehabbing alongside vet visits, chiropractic work, massage therapy, supplements, corrective shoeing, and A LOT of patience and love.  In October,  Danny went under saddle.  He looked so proud to be trotting around next to the top show jumpers in the ring.   Although he is still incredibly green and will not follow in their footsteps, he looks like he belongs.   I cannot help but look at him with such disbelief, yet admiration.  We have just begun, but I have already learned so many life lessons from him.  Danny has taught me, among all, that even with every obstacle stacked against us, if there is a desire, there is a way.  – Nicole N.

Second Mate

I adopted Second Mate (now known as Matey) March 22, 2022. He was eager and ready to begin his new life with me from the start. We took long hand walks, spent lots of time grooming and giving him plenty of love before I began riding him. We started with lunging which he was very good at, then we worked on walk/trot transitions and moving forward. Once we began under saddle he was easy to maintain rhythm and balance. I wanted to assure him that racing was no longer necessary. I train dressage so he is great at self carriage and light on leg aids. Our relationship has grown which is most important to me! He trusts me and always comes to me from the pasture. He nickers  at me every time I walk by his stall which warms my heart knowing he loves me as much as I love him.We really enjoy trail riding which is exactly what I wanted. I’ve shown dressage and at my young age of 62 I just want to have fun with my boy. Matey is the perfect horse for me, he enjoys life, he’s very sociable with other horses and he’s healthy. My vet loves him, my farrier is kind to him and I couldn’t be happier with my Matey, my forever horse! Thanks FLTRAC for finding him for me:) – Laura H.

Nathan Ridge

I adopted Nathan Ridge last June, and it has been a very rewarding experience for me!  I didn’t get to see Nathan in person until after the adoption.  I will never forget watching the transport  guy walk this magnificent creature down my long drive way.  I swear Nathan walked as if he owned the place already!  For at least two weeks, Nathan and I just hung out together and played with some ground work exercises to establish our new relationship.  Everything has gone smoothly and easy in the saddle.  He’s very athletic and just floats across the ground.  But most importantly he is a kind soul , with an amazingly brave and positive spirit.  I think the journey for Nathan has been very good for him and he seems to be very content with his new home and herd.  Thanks so much to Katie and the rest of the crew at Florida Trac for helping Nathan find his happy place.  – Gail F.

Molly Mac

Molly is the most sensitive, intelligent, and outspoken horse I’ve ever known. Ever since the first time I led her around her new home I made it my goal for this fiery mare to consider me a partner worthy of her respect and trust. She constantly holds me accountable for everything I do and feel and demands me to be entirely present with her or else she will have something to say about it! It’s hardly been three months that I’ve known her and she has already made me a better rider and horsewoman. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us as I continue to cultivate a partnership with a truly wonderful mare.” —Mary Gubisch

Shackles N Chains

Shack truly started to blossom at my house after a month or so. I would take him on many off the farm adventures (he was always perfect!). We started doing small jumps and started doing a few horse shows where he really impressed me.  He relaxed with all the other horses and was able to start getting turned out with all of them. My 4 young kids started riding him as well.  He takes incredible care of them!  His personality changed completely. We have a mutual respect for each other and because of this, he will do anything for me.  Almost 2 years ago I got hurt, and am now technically “handicapped “.  Over the last few months , I occasionally will have days I feel good enough to ride, and even though he has been off the same amount of time as me, he is literally perfect. No lunging, etc, I take him out, and just get on. He has been a perfect therapy horse, and it’s incredible to know how much he has changed in every way to become the horse he is now.”  -Karen G.